Saturday, May 22, 2010


I'm done with school.
I checked out Thursday.
I graduate Tuesday the 25th.
Had one last whoorah at Lagoon as a class, and you know I had a BLAST!
Being the senior class president I really wanted to do something fun and original for our senior trip. However our school district won't sponsor us unless we go to Lagoon, Seven Peaks, or Boondocks. SO- Lagoon it was.
It was carefree and fun.
It is starting to sink in that we will never be all together like this again. I have grown up with my friends. Most of us started Kindergarten together and now we will all be going out together, entering the world in completely different directions.
I have done a lot of reflecting on my life lately, I've been blessed into a marvelous family with high standards and a strong faith, I have friends who know and respect what I believe and care for me, I live in a beautiful community with neighbors who are concerned for my welfare and being.
I will always have this, no matter where I go in life and whatever my desires may be I will have the support and love that I have been blessing with feeling and cherishing from all those around me.
Thanks for the Memories.
I love all your faces!

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