Monday, May 3, 2010

Have you ever been talking. . .

about something you have NEVER done before in your life (like hitting an animal) and then it happens. . .
Well it happened. . . it has actually happened to me twice. I was talking to Kinz about never hitting a bird once and then a bird flew into my windshield!
I was talking to Taylor while driving to my house to play card games after a lovely dinner of El' Mex. We were talking about ever hittin' an animal and then Taylor yelled, "Kels you just hit a rabbit!"
"No I didn't it is right there" (as another rabbit ran across the road)
"Really you did! I'm not lying! Go look!"
(we turned around)
Low and behold I had run over a poor bunny rabbit! I'm sorry that I ended your life in such a tragic way! I hope you didn't suffer and I hope that you were old! (if it was an old bunny then it would already be close to dying anyway right!- lets hope)

I thought about naming this poor poor creature, but then decided that having a name would only make me feel worse about myself.

NOTE TO SELF: don't EVER talk about hitting animals- it is sure to happen!

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