Friday, April 30, 2010

little mister

I'm so fond of photography- capturing a moment in time and reliving every emotion, every thought, every love, tear, and laugh each time you look at that moment! (:
When I'm driving in the car, I will see "spots" a long the road, a place that will hold the "most perfect" picture. I also have the awful habit of letting my mind run wild at night thinking up possible pictures that have yet to be locked in time.
A few times in my life I have really considered becoming a photographer- like a real professional "picture taker" however that profession isn't as much as a demand anymore, especially when digital photography is so easy and cheap that almost anyone can participate. I love it though and so it has become a hobby!
So this is what I have done lately- This is my Mr. Strat Man and he is a whopping year old! And these are the pictures we took to remember this moment by.

(these are in no particular order, but I love them)

My friend Kaden got a NEW camera! I'm jealous! It is a beautiful peace of technology! We are yet to go on our "picture taking" adventure! We are going to take some more senior picks! I'm planning on making some more graduation announcements!
(P.S. I graduate in three weeks. . . wow, never thought this day would come)


Team Cowan said...

Those are great! I love the one with him in the mirror. His face is priceless. You should keep it up. Do what makes you happy. :)

The Higgs' said...

Kels those are so great! Good job. The one of him in the mirror is my favorite too.