Monday, May 24, 2010

some up of softball!

I love this picture because it is of Shay catching and Me on third base! I think it is very clever!
The two seniors. Me and Kinz
Shay and I! I love her to death. I think I will miss playing with her the most! She is so good at everything that I just can't stand her talent! She is naturally gifted! I love ya Shay!
(notice our uniforms- old school! lucky for them they are getting new ones next year!)
I love softball. The season. The coaches. The girls. The game.
I have played ball since I can remember- I have so many memories from the game. Like the time I got my first black eye. . .
We were a young team this year with only two seniors, but we came a long way I feel. We won a game this year which was major! We haven't won a region game in three years and this year we beat Gunnison! (for everyone's info we are a pretty dang good team but as with every sport our region is TOUGH- three of the six teams placed in the top five at state this year- ya. . ) We ended up one game short from making it to state and it sucked.
Our last game was against South Sevier. It seems like our last game is always with south sevier, hm. what's up with that. Anyhow we lost, I had my worst game of my season this year. It seems like that happens a lot to seniors. I think I was trying to hard.
Even if there was bad weather a lot this year and we had to practice in an arena, or the fact that we didn't make it to state I still enjoyed every second I was able to play.


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