Monday, April 26, 2010

Everyone one "NOSE" it!

Name: Kelsie
Profession: Smeller

It is true I have decided that I am an official "smeller"- I wonder if they have a major for that at Utah State. . . Anyhow writing my last post I noticed that I smell everything! This may seem weird to some, but to me it is my nature! I associate memories, people, and places with smell. For example every time I smell a pickle I think of Chase, the boy who use to live behind me- Ashley, his older sister and I were best friends! Chase use to play kissing tag with us (well it was more like Ashley chasing Chase who was chasing me because he was trying to kiss me. . . or however that works)
I remember the smell of all the boys I have ever dated.
I remember the smell of Disneyland and how the smell of cinnamon and cotton candy mask the smell of old water and machinery.
I crave the smell of the chlorine at the city pool.
I cherish the smell of my grandma RuLeen and always inhale deeply whenever she is close to me.
I like the smell of dirt it reminds me of gradening with my mom- It is a love of hers and because she loves it so, I love doing it with her.
I will never forget what our shop smells like, and how it comes home with my father every evening.

I remember watching the movie Parent Trap when Hallie is having a a conversation with Grandpa:
Grandpa Charles James: [Annie smells him] What are you doing?
Hallie as Annie: Making a memory! Years from now, when I'm all grown up, I'll always remember my grandfather and how he always smelled of...
[smells him again]
Hallie as Annie: peppermint and pipe tobacco.

Who knows, maybe I'm not alone in this world, maybe there are other "smellers" out there! I encourage you to SMELL ON!


MaryPosa said...

Hey I found your blog through my friend Katie Cowan. It's adorable.

I love how a particular smell can instantly bring you back to a particular memory. The other day I found a bottle of lotion that i used to wear all the time, but haven't in a long time. The second I opened it I was in 2002, and it was summer, and I was taking pictures and climbing trees with my friend Natalie. It was magical

So if that smelling degree ever opens up, let me know. :)

The Quarnbergs said...

Ok, i admit it, I am a major smeller as well. If you see me at Walmart getting anything with a lid that will come off, I am smelling it before I decide if I want to buy it, deodorant, lotion, shamp/cond, fabric softner, ect.. I can't help it. And I totally associate smells with places and times in my life. Like the kind of gum Jake used to chew before his mission, a cologne from a kid I dated in high school, lotion from a cheerleader that I really didn't like, and all those smells bring back so many memories. Keep on smelling girl, it is our way of life and makes us who we are!!!!