Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just a bit Western- Preference '10

I was a rebel this Preference. . . the rumors are true. . . I asked a Richfield boy!
I had a supermarvelousdashingdancingsplendid night!
There were seventeen couples in our group! It was our goal to have a huge group- after all the more the merrier! We all met at the park with our dates where we had western showdowns- including: barrel racin', clean shavin', a little bit of chuggin', and a lot of eatin'!
The shavin' show down: the girls were blindfolded while we shaved the boys's faces with popsicle sticks- first couple done won. . . we weren't first, but I was being way nice to Deven making sure that I didn't get shaving cream in his hair, eyes, mouth, ears, or shirt!
Afterwords Deven and I ended up in a shavin' cream fight- I won, well I won until James and Deven tag-teamed me! So not fair, I had shaving cream everywhere!
We had a dutch oven dinner made- AND it was like heaven! MmmmhMmmm!!!
O and did I mention there were A LOT of people in our group?!?! I loved it! I think everyone had a blast- meeting new people and having a good time!
These are our trusty stallions! on the left is my lovely little pony, her name was Emilia and Deven handsome horsey's name was Earl!
We had made it a point to take pictures of us in our fancy western digs, but forgot until AFTER we had danced most of the night away- and if you know me then you know I love to dance as does Deven. . . Which means a lot of movin' and a lot of jiggin' and just a little bit of sweatin. . . GROSS, but true!. . . I had a marvelous night! O and by the way notice Deven's mustache it is a man-stache! (:

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