Monday, April 26, 2010

I love good books, warm weather, and chocolate milk!

You know when you wake up and know it is going to be a glorious day? Well today I had one of those days! Despite anything that was trying to get in my way (like an art final, crazy freshmen, and the fact that the inside of my school is an ice box).
I love reading books! Lately I have had to restrain myself from getting lost in the pages of a good book because I have things that HAD to be done. However I have decided that I feel good when I am entranced by words on pages. In my yearbook class, since the yearbook is finished and submitted we are reading The Five People You Meet In Heaven. Everyone in the class had to purchase their own book so that you could make it "your own". Write the thoughts and feelings that entangle in your mind while reading. I had to restrain myself from completely finishing the book last night- (don't tell my mother, but I stayed up until two in the morning reading the book)! There is a line that I have thought about all day for particular reasons that I cannot share, but it goes like this, "Scenery without solace is meaningless"- The Blue Man. Think about it.
I have always been an advocate for warm weather! In fact during the winter my mom sometimes thinks that I suffer from winter depression. . . Not sever I promise, but it is true I'm happier in the summer time! (: Anyhow lately I have loved being outside, smelling the fragrant air, watching the grass turn green, and listening to the birds who are starting to move back for the lovely summer season! I have even started to get a tan! (meaning that people won't come up to me and ask me if I'm ill because I look pale!- I hate that)
I love the spring and all, but WELCOME SUMMER!
Finally Chocolate Milk! mmmmhmmm! I LOVE milk in general- in fact before I ever leave my house I always gulp down a glass of milk! My school is sponsored by Medal Gold and they donate milk to the school for all the athletes to have after each practice and games! I love the people who decided that they should sponsor us! THANK YOU! I look forward to my ice cold chocolate milk after a long day of play in the sun! I don't know if anyone else does this but before I drink my milk I always smell it- just in case I was unlucky enough to get a sour bottle (it is yet to happen, but I'm a picky milk drinker). I have decided that the smell of that chocolately goodness should be made into a perfume or a car freshener- Yep chocolate milk pretty much makes me day that much better!

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