Tuesday, March 9, 2010

R U PUZZLED? (preference 2010)

I asked Deven to Preference! and I think I got him good!

Notice the toilet paper in the back seat. . . that is from Saturday night when we attempted to toilet paper someone's house. . . I say attempted because we were caught in mid-TP mode. I always get caught. . .

I cut up the poster and taped the pieces all over in his car, then I dumped puzzle pieces all over and threw streamers and totally trashed it. . . Well not totally, but I think it looks pretty good!
There is a funny story that goes along with this thought. .
I was planning on decorating his car while he was working and then when he came out it would be there waiting for him. HOWEVER living as far away as I do from him by the time I had gotten everything ready he was cleaning up from work and getting ready to go home.
I drove past his work before I went to his house and he was just pulling out LUCKILY he didn't recognize my vehicle. . . Thank-goodness that there are a lot of Durangos in the area!
I had brought my mom along to help me, she is such a sweet heart! After parking around the corner we snuck up to the passenger side of his car and started decorating! Yes, Deven ALWAYS leaves his car unlocked so it was an easy break in! (: While we were busy getting everything put up Deven's brother-in-law walked out! I'm surprised that he didn't see us! I told my mom that if he comes out again that she should lay on the ground and I will hide in the car and close the door! She looked at me funny and said, "Are you kiddin' me!? Who do you think I am!?" It is a good thing that Deven's brother-in-law had gone back inside because I defiantly think that our laughs would have given us away for sure!
I am a bit nervous. . . I don't know what to expect from Deven- he usually answers pretty good. . . Dun Dun Dun!!!


Team Cowan said...

You are the poster making QUEEN. Seriously. And I love that you have "1234" on your playlist. It's one of my all time favorites.

Taylor said...

kels, i thought i'd leave a comment. :) we shall play soon again!