Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear Toes Nails, How I Have Missed You!

And thank goodness they are back in action before flip-flop season starts!

As many of you may know that I haven't been able to paint my toe nails for three months! I went to the doctor and he told me I needed to give my toe nails a break. You see every volleyball season I tend to loose my toe nails because I did my toes into the ground. . . Ya I have "tensity" issues. Any how loosing and then regrowing and loosing my toe nails again and again has been hard on them. Not to sound gross, but they were starting to get thicker and thicker! I have nightmares about thick toe nails too so I wanted to take all the precautions that I could to prevent that from happening. After going to the foot doctor and applying some sort of polish stuff every morning and night, I now have ten beautiful smooth toe nails that have can be painted pretty!
Just a little side note- I am the one in the family who does everyone else's toe nails. I do the works too, which includes a cut, file, and paint job - sometimes I will even offer a foot rub. So not being able to do my own has been rough. . .

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Team Cowan said...

Congratulations! They look great! I too have nightmares about thick toenails but that's because this old lady that lived next door to us growing up showed me her foot one day. I couldn't understand what she was saying to me, so I was just nodding and smiling, and then she whipped off her shoe and showed me the nastiest, biggest toenail i'd ever seen. Seriously. It had curled around her toe! GROSS!! So yeah, I'm glad you got them taken care of before that happened! And thanks for the advice on my blog. I think it's a great idea. And you should come over sometime and I'll show you some of the leftover pendants from the shakespear festival. They're pretty. :)