Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Commissioners Art Show!

I have been bombarded! I can't sleep at night, my mind runs wild and all I can think about is paintings! I have always loved being creative, using my hands to make things! (I get it from my mother.) Anyhow I am taking my first real art class in school and for one of our assignments we are to enter a piece of work into the commissioners art show. Most of the students dreaded the news, but I on the other hand am taking it all the way! (I am one of those over achievers!)
I decided for my project that I wanted to do oil painting. My mom and I used to oil paint WAY back in the day, in fact I gave a picture that I painted to my second grade teacher and Halee, who is now in her class, came home and told me that her teacher told her that she still has the painting hung up in her front room. I am so proud!
I haven't painted in a while though so I was/am a little nervous to pick it up again! Last night I stayed up late looking for ideas on the internet, anything that gave me some sort of information, and by the time I got into bed last night my mind was swimming. . . and it is all I have been able to think of today. . .
I got home from practice and I just had to get started working on something! I couldn't stand it any longer! I prepped a paper that I am going to paint three large tulips on with acrylic paint and while it was drying I decided that I wanted to try some people. I have never painted people before in my life, but you know for my first it isn't half bad, in fact I quite like it!
I will keep you updated on the commissioners art show!

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