Sunday, January 3, 2010

1920's Flapper!

Chev and I were looking at something. . .I think it was either my necklace or the gloves I was wearing, but I don't remember.
I have man arms. . .
I loved dressing up as a flapper! I found this purple sequined shirt/dress at Marice's on the clearance. My mom was the one who thought it would be perfect for flapper night (MOD is on every one's mind). I tried it on and loved it. It turned out that we got it for free with our ten dollar coupon! I love shopping clearance! I told Chevia as soon as I got home that there were a few more and so she went right over and got one. Layni too was lucky enough to purchase the last one! Anyhow we had been planning flapper night all week. Chev and I were more concerned about what were going to do Flapper night than we were for New Year's Eve.
Saturday night came and Chev and I were the only ones at her house. The other said that they were looking forward to it, but no one was there. Turns out due to homework and other things that had turned up that a lot of the girls couldn't come. Layni showed up though so it was the three of us!
After getting all glamorous and done up we headed off to watch Sherlock Holmes, the true master of disguise. It was a marvelous movie! I will definitely watch it again. We got a lot of funny looks and pointed fingers at the movie theater though, but surprisingly no one asked us why we were dressed up. . . When the movie was over and we were driving home we started talking in English Accents, I don't know whether it was the because of the movie or because of the clothes, but it just felt right. O and it got really foggy on our way home, so the drive was twice as long.
I really liked being a Flapper
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