Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tubin' on the Roller Coasters

A whole bunch of Crazies!
Kinz Robs pulling her crazy face. . . She was named "Driver of the Night" by me
Deven and I
Kaden and Hillary. . They didn't dress very warm and were freezing cold!
Me and Chev with our Twinner hats!
Above my town there is a road that is called the Roller Coasters. The Eve of Christmas Eve a group of us took my Darango up there in about two feet of snow with tubes. I was following my friend Jaden on his Razor. I realized that the snow was getting deeper but I didn't dare turn around so I just kept driving. Well the road started to get steeper and as you have already predicted my vehicle got stuck. I went into panic mode almost instantly. I got out, let Kinz drive and I help push. There was no way that I could have just sat in my car at that point. It wasn't too bad getting me unstuck! But I was really nervous. My mom didn't really want me to go and I didn't want her to have one of those "I told you so" moments. I fear those moments.
It didn't take too long to get me out, so we still had a lot of time to play in the lovely weather!
With only two tubes though it ended up that we just played in the snow, and it was so much fun! It was a perfect night except for getting stuck, shivering in the cold, and Deven lost his phone. (We found it the next day though, however, it had water damage).

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