Monday, December 7, 2009

What else is there to do in a small town?

"Please do not tell your government... we come in peace!"
"This is your captain speaking- all safety straps must be on and secure.. we are headed into a meteor shower attack!!!"
(Translation: buckle your seat belts, it's snowing)Jan-T (pronunciation: Jan with a flick of the tongue after a large pause.) Me
Wanza (as sounds) Chevia
Zultan (also as sounds) Taylor

Trip to Earth and Back:
took a human captive (Kaden)
visited Planet C (the Cowans)
tried taking another human captive on Planet A (Syder) then she escaped
went to Planet W (Wal mart) and was destroyed by many dirty looks, laughs and mean gestures
came face to face with a meteor shower attack and almost lost..
luckily the marvelous captain and the D'trasporter were very skilled and could take on the aggressive flight.

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