Thursday, November 26, 2009

80's Night!

"Catch my leg" Chev said that a lot! (: I'm honestly going to have to steal the video of our song and dance from Taylor and show it to all the world!

Looking at these pictures last night Chevia asked me what my leg was doing- but she has no room to talk, LOOK at her HAND!

Candy (Me), Roxy (Abbie), Sugar (Chevia), Star (Layni), and Tootsie (Taylor)
Right after we raided Abbie's closet! She really didn't want to come with us.. "I'm so tired, and you guys are crazy!" we told her however that when you put these clothes on it does something to you. Ha ha!
Last night was CRAZY! I was headed home after cheering at the boys game when Chevia called. She didn't have to work anymore and so we were going to play... And I just happened to have 80's clothes in my car! (: (okay I just don't regularly keep costumes in my car, but we had the plan to dress up a few days ago but couldn't and then we were going to do it after the boys game but then Chevia was going to have to work. I was just going to go home and save the costumes for yet another day).
Our theme was 80's exercising chicks! Chevia and I got all dressed up and decided to go kidnap some fellow friends to share in our fun. (: We were crazy- all packed in Layni's van singing "Girls Just Want to Have FUN!" We made up a theme song and a dance. Then we went to Denny's and preformed for some of the people who were eating!
We even picked up my friend Jace who is visiting family for Thanksgiving! Poor kid felt so awkward- he told me he had fun though, even if he was the only boy! Thanks for being a good sport Jace.
...Next Theme Night: 70's Hippies (: Chev and I are going to make pants!


Team Cowan said...

you guys are so cool. I'm inviting myself to 70's night. thank you.

Travis and Rhonda said...

Those are some GREAT outfits!! Love the poses!!