Monday, December 7, 2009

Musical Production: GREASE

Me and Shay tender huh! Shay didn't even want to be apart of the musical.. Honestly I don't know why either because she has an amazing voice- And even though she says that she didn't like doing it I think deep down inside she enjoyed it, just a little. I know I loved having her there!
James and I- Sorry James, but with make-up on you kind of look like a girl. We were dance partners Friday night, even though this is Thursday night.. None the less we rocked it!.. (we were secret lovers in the dance scene! ha ha)
Sandy punched me in the eye.. I here that many little kids were quite distraught of the whole act! My niece even called me the next day and asked if I still had a black eye. Frenchy, or Chevia fixed me all up.. sorta
The Cast- man it was some fun stuff!
I mean look how good we look!
Chevia, me and Layni Most of the Gang- Thursday night
Chevia and Layni during Friday night performance.. we made them more and more nerdy as the night went on.Kinz, Taylor, Me, Chevia
I forgot to tell you all about our musical- GREASE!
It was a hit! Everyone loved it and said it was the best musical that our school has put on in a long time. I was the Primary Patty, the cheerleader one. I preformed Thursday and Saturday as the Primary and then my secondary had the opportunity to preform on Friday. Friday I was a background girl.
I got a lot of compliments on my performance- in fact a lady I didn't even know came up to me and said, you were my absolute favorite female character! I was so proud of myself.. (I know pride is a sin, but I really was pleased with how I did). I often heard that I matched my character perfectly. I feel that our entire group was cast very well!
Quick Story:
Saturday night when I was playing Patty there is a quick scene that we run where I am old and I have to hurry run back stage, change, run across stage and get to the place where I need to enter in from as soon as the song is over.. Well I was running late and so I grabbed my skirt, shoes, scarf, and headband out of the dressing room and was trying to get across the stage before the curtain came up. Well I barely got across, before the curtain came up.. but I stepped on my poodle skirt, that I didn't realize I was dragging and it totally took the feet out from under me. I went down hard. Everyone on stage saw me, and even the director who was on the opposite side of the stage heard it... It hurt so bad but I had to get to my entrance spot. Man I haven't fallen like that for a long time. It through my pelvis off.. It happens all the time, luckily the doctor trained my mom how to pop it back in!
P.S. I broke my headband and had bruises on my elbows and bum! (:

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