Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baking, Decorating, and Flour Fighting

Deven and I had planned a date for us and our friends. I brought my friend Chevia and he brought his friend "Finney" (his real name is Kyle, but we called him Finney).
We thought of many things to do, but we decided to BAKE chocolate chip cookies, and DECORATING gingerbread houses.
Now, I have a confession. . . I have never baked chocolate chip cookies from scratch before in my life so this was a new experience. My mom got out the recipe and the stuff that we would need. This chocolate chip cookies called for oatmeal, but for some reason we didn't put it in. . . Not the smartest idea. The cookies tasted fine, but they were very thin and kinda hard. O well (:
While the cookies were baking we played the FLOUR game. The flour game is similar to JANGA. Instructions: pack flour into a cup, tip cup over and pull away leaving a tour of flour, place a coin on top (preferably a penny or dime), with a butter knife each person cuts a portion of the tour away. The person who makes the tour fall has to retrieve the coin from the flour using their mouth. NO HANDS ALLOWED! We played about five rounds, and Finney lost four of the five times (poor kid). Chevia lost the other time. Deven and I were off scotch free. Well our little innocent game of cutting flour turned into a crazed flour fight. Chevia started it, and she got me. Then I turned on her. Deven was trying to take pictures of us so, that is when we got him and Finney. I think I lost the flour fight. . . I was covered.
After cleaning the house, because flour was EVERYWHERE! we settled down and DECORATED our little gingerbread houses. We used Gram Crackers to build our houses, but unfortunately I grabbed an expired box from downstairs. Poor Finney took a big old bite and about gagged, he the ran to the trash can and spit his mouth full of old cracker into the trash. BLAH the crackers even smelled bad. Luckily we had another box that were new, and NOT expired!
For my house I decided to "GO GREEN" and built solar panels on my house!
Finney, Me and Chevia during the FLOUR FIGHT!
Making our Gingerbread Houses. Chevia, Finney, Me and Deven
Good Times!

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