Saturday, December 12, 2009

Princess Night!!!

Confession: I am picture happy!
Princess Aurora (Me), Wedding Princess Cinderella (Layni), Fairy Princess Tinker Bell (Taylor), Princess Bell (Chevia), and Wedding Princess Ariel (Mishaelle)
Princesses have CRAZY faces too-

Tonight it was PRINCESS NIGHT! It was not like any of the other nights that we have had. We actually got dressed up all cute and spent time caring and actually trying to look like real princesses. After the boys basketball game, which we won-yay boys!, the five of us went to Chevia's house to get ready. We had originally planned to go watch "The Princess and the Frog" in our princess dresses, but unfortunately we had to bale that plan because the movie theater selection down here is very slim. Instead however we went to Wingers and got food and Asphalt Pie- delicious! (: It had started to snow when we got out, but we had to run real quick to Wal Mart and get a picture with our princess doll.. Random I know.
It was a MARVELOUS night, just spending it with the girls! We talk about everything from Patriarchal Blessings to kissing guys, we eat yummy food, and laughed so hard we couldn't breath in our pretty little dresses!
We decided to name our group of "dresser-uppers". . . our group will officially be called MOD, or Masters of Disguise. Layni was the clever one who came up with this brilliant name. We have also made a very very very long list of things we could dress up as. The plan is to cut out the words, put them in a jar and every Monday we will draw to see what we will be dressing up as that weekend! Some of the ones that I am looking most forward to are: Swim Day, Duck tape Day, Superhero Day, Elf Day, Boy Day, Blue Man Day, Homeless Day, and the list just keeps going on!

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