Sunday, December 20, 2009

Party like a ROCK STAR!

We lived the life of rock stars tonight!

We were:
  • FOLLOWED by crazy people... (we have NO idea who it was)
  • Preformed for the Cows (the people, not the animals) and the Albrechts
  • Saved by the Robinsons
  • Owned the Road
  • Hit my head once
  • Screamed a lot
  • Chinese Fire Drill at the four way!!
(Chevia)-Hawk the Drummer, (Layni)-Lars the Lead Vocal, (Taylor)-Moony a Dow op Girl, (Me)-Jets a Dow op Girl, (Kinz)-Rip the Bouncer, and (Kaden)-Mark the Manager
We made our tutu's just for this big event! Cute huh!?

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