Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It is going to be a WHITE Christmas after all!!

Kinzie, Alfred, and I. Alfred is a Perma-Calf. He was abandoned when he was little after being trampled and Kinzie and her family, being the animal lovers they are took care of him and took him in. He isn't suppose to get any bigger than what he is now. Alfred, or Fred for short, is almost like a dog. He is honestly the tamest cow I know.
Kinzie and I being pulled behind the four wheeler. I LOVE the snow!
Today it snow. . . let me change that a little bit. . . Today it snowed A LOT! and I absolutely LOVED it! The snow came at just the right time too, it'll make Christmas look just perfect! But it doesn't help that I'm still in school, it makes me even more antsy for our SHORT Christmas break.
Shaylie's snow day wasn't quite as easy going on mine. In fact Shaylie got her first experience with REALLY driving in the snow. After her basketball practice she was driving home on the Honky-Tonk road because she thought it would be easier to go slow. She was following a truck on the road and when the truck suddenly stepped on the brakes Shay got nervous and did the same- in an attempt to avoid rear-ending the vehicle. In this process however, Shaylie over corrected and went through a fence, through a ditch, and into the middle of a field. Luckily to good neighborly men Shay was able to get out. Thanks Clifton, Matt, and Greg (My brothers were away on wrecker calls and Dad was at the church with Tithing Interviews). Shaylie kept her cool through the whole thing, she didn't even cry when she called my mom.
Now for a twist in Shaylie's story-
Our close friend Dixie stopped by on her way home from work to make sure everyone was okay. She was only talking to us for a short moment and after giving me her scarf, she headed back to her truck (I was wearing high-heeled boots, I had only a jacket on and because it was still snowing I was soaking wet). . . The next thing I hear was "O my hell, where is my truck?" Dixie's truck was across the road from where Shay's was, straddling a ditch. The next thing I hear was "I swear I put my truck in park." I walked over to Dixie and gave her back her scarf saying, "Dixie, it looks like you are going to need this." I couldn't stop laughing. Luckily all the men were still there, and my dad had showed up. But even with all those men, it took longer to get Dixie's truck out than Shay's. Dixie just kept saying "Now, NO ONE tell my husband!" She cracks me up!
I got home and hurried and threw on my snow clothes! The Laurels were in charge of mutual and we were going caroling. Kinzie brought Alfred, her perma-calf, and dressed him up like a reindeer to come with us. While everyone else rode on a trail a few of us RAN with the cow. . . well we ran until Alfred wouldn't budge anymore than it just turned into us dragging him. We took him home early. We were so far behind the rest of the carolers that Kinzie's brother had the marvelous idea of tying sleds to the back of the four wheeler to catch up.
After mutual we headed back out on the sleds and we stayed out until Kinzie's older sister tracked us down. Kinzie and her family had tithing settlement. . . or else we would probably still be out there.
Merry Christmas!
(I stole these pictures from Kinz hehehe)

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