Monday, October 12, 2009

Feeling a bit OINK-ish

This last weekend our volleyball team went down to San Juan and Grand to play. Well on the bus ride down there three girls got sick. One had strep throat the other two were just chilling and fevering. They all ended up going home early. Our team is family-and one thing I have learned from having a big family once someone gets sick you are more than stuck catching the same illness.
Well Sunday it felt like I just had a regular head cold, I even went to church.. as the day went on however I got worse. As soon as I got home from church I slept for a long time- I didn't even go to missionary prep.. And I always go to missionary prep. I started to get a slight fever nothing big- I still thought I just had a bad head cold.
Today I went to the first two hours of school and then came home and you guessed I slept. Then my mom got me an appointment to go to the doctor. The doctor checked me for strep and gave me a ZPac. I came out negative for strep but where I had been exposed he wanted to take precaution.
After calling around my mom found out that the two girls that had chills and fever were tested for swine flu and came back positive... so we went to the doctor once again for a second opinion. The doctor said it would be a waste of time getting tested and said that I had the same symptoms as everyone else and is treating me for swine flu. Now I have to stay home until I break my fever and am fever free for 24 hours.. joy..
My volleyball team is dropping like flies. I guess seven girls went home sick today- and there are only fourteen girls on our varsity team. I hope everyone gets feeling better soon.


Team Cowan said...

Is it weird if I'm desparately hoping that me and the boys have been sick with swine flu all weekend?? That way I can just be DONE with it and not have to worry about it anymore. At least until Zach comes home with it. Which is inevitable!!! Sorry you're feeling oinkish. Hope everyone's better SOON!

Layna said...

Oh goodness hope you get feeling better... I heard that Boston and Halley had it too. I hope it isn`t going to be a big break out!!

-Layna T.