Monday, September 28, 2009

Cheer Birthday

This is TWO weeks late Sorry, but I've been busy..
Each year we have a cheer birthday party to celebrate EVERYONE'S birthday all at once. We usually do it during camp, but where the SONG squad and CHEER squad went to different camps we couldn't celebrate it.
Last week with the help of all the senior parents we had Hawaiian Haystacks, Juice, and Cake for our birthday dinner and for a gift we got earmuffs that say WOLVES across the front.
Thank you parents for all your help!
I love my squad and take so much pride in the talent we have together! It is true sometimes we have problems and may have a few feuds and we aren't always happy to see each other.. BUT in the end we ALWAYS pull through! We have stuck through it all and now that we are drawing closer to the end I will miss the time I spent with theses Chickie's!
Our beautiful cake that tasted sooooo YUMMY!
Squad Picture!

and a lovely one of me eating.. thanks Mom

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