Friday, October 16, 2009

Christmas List #1

Okay- now I know this is really early but for Christmas this year I want a camera.. a nice camera. I have had this revelation that when I grow up I want to be a photographer. Now I have been tossing this idea up in my head for a LONG time but always pushed it to the side because with new technology almost anyone can be a photographer.
Anyhow I love looking at pictures and everywhere I look I can see angles and lights and simple things that would be a major focus in a stunning picture. The last few nights I haven't been able to sleep because I have been thinking of pictures, places to take pictures, and a NEW camera to take pictures with..
I'm going to run with my dream to be a photographer-and who knows if I will make it my profession or just a hobby that I absolutely love. So this is what I'm asking Santa for for Christmas! (:

Nikon D60
So I have looked at a bunch of cameras and well I have decided that there are A LOT of VERY nice, VERY expensive pieces of equipment. This camera is pretty darn good according to the reviews and is one of the lesser expensive ones.
I know I probably won't get this for Christmas- I HAVE BEEN A GOOD GIRL THIS YEAR, don't get me wrong! It is just that with college coming next year and all the stuff I will need for that a "camera" isn't exactly on the priority list.. O well there is always room for dreaming right?

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