Monday, September 28, 2009

Other Activites from Homecoming

Our game against Parowan- Kinzie and I were playing captains.. all four of the seniors rotate captaining each game. We won in four! O ya we kick some butt!
This pep assembly was a lot of fun! Look how many kids we got to participate.. o by the way this is most of our school.. we are small I know!
This game my Cheer Coach made up. We got nine Queen sized sheets and sewed them all together. We then drew puzzle pieces on them with something unique written in each one. The object of the game is to fill up with your class as many puzzle pieces as you could. SENIORS won of course because well it is only obvious we ROCK!
The parade.. well a glimse of it. I walked with the Cheerleaders. We dressed up like wild women from the jungle because well our theme for this homecoming was.. "Welcome to the JUNGLE". It went along with our school theme for this year, which is: "Wolves have WILD Spirit".
This is the window that I helped paint that took first! Ya man! I painted the Bulldog, the Wolf and the Tree (:
Homecoming is SO: STRESSFUL, hectic, Exciting, ANNOYING, time consuming, BLOOD RUSHING, energy draining,.. you name it it has probably taken place during the last homecoming week.
Some of the things that I have Participated in:
Dressed up crazy every day
Painted Windows for both Cheer and Senior Class
I painted 10 plus signs.. 5 of which I hung on houses
I played 2 Volleyball games- we beat Parowan and lost to Grand in 5
Put on a Pep Assembly
Wrote a letter
Ran for King and Queen- didn't win, didn't plan on it (: It was fun playing though
Mid-term Government Test
Wrote a paper
Reffed Faculty Vs. Student Body Volleyball Games... we couldn't play
Got stuff for the Blood Drive that I'm in charge of next week
Played in the Lyp Sync
Help make a float
Walked in the Parade
Cheered at the Football game- we lost ): It was a game of inches 12-14
Washed Windows-joy.. O By the Way Senior window took 1st
I only had one hard night where I cried over everything.. don't worry it happens to me every year. I think it is caused by lack of sleep and wearing down my body. I really did cry over everything though my homework, the game we won, being so tired, having so much to do, being hungry, the letter I got in the mail.. man I was really having a rough night... luckily I turned to the Lord (: He helps! Promise

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