Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mini Cheer, 100th Year, 4th of July

The Fourth of July week is always a huge week. We have fundraisers for cheer the entire week and then on the Fourth we are crazy busy with games and concessions and all that good stuff that everyone enjoys when they come to our small town for Freedom Day.
Mini Cheer was tons of fun this year! I had the biggest group of girls and they were all so funny and cute! With my bum ankle I wasn't able to teach them and run around like crazy but we still played hard. We started classes on Tuesday at nine in the morning. After one hour practices Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we were able to preform for the 100th Year Celebration and before the fireworks on the 3rd. I was so proud of my girls they did super good! I think Mini Cheer will be one thing I really miss after I graduate.The 100th Year Celebration went really well. We had a huge turn out and I had a lot of fun participating. After the little girls danced, cake and ice cream was served then there was a fashion show! The cheerleaders got to model clothes from the many different eras that our old school has seen (the pictures didn't really turn out).

The fourth of July was a busy day! We do concessions at the park and that takes a lot of work! I want to give a quick shout out to all the cheer moms who helped- THANK YOU! The food at the park takes a lot of work and we wouldn't be able to do it with out them. For the parade we get a trailer and the Mini Cheer girls sit and cheer while the cheerleaders march and cheer behind. My coach wouldn't let me or Taylor march because we both have bum ankles. Halee Lu Lu sat by me and kept me company (:
Everyone always has to work the pool during the fourth of July. It is crazy the kids that come. Guards had had to jump in four times this year to retrieve kids from danger. My little sis even got her first save! Yea Shay! We have some new hands this year so I'll re-introduce everyone. From left to right we have Danielle, Kelsha, Kristi, Shay, Marissa, Kinz, Me, Kiley, and PQ- (not pictured: Kirsta-she just had surgery on her foot, Kasta-with her fiance somewhere, and Brady-taking the picture.. he was to good to be a apart of the picture. (:

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