Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I REALLY don't have TIME for this!

Okay well it is just my luck.. Monday at volleyball I sprained my ankle. We were playing queens and I went up to make a kill and came down weird on my foot I felt it roll out and then heard the pop and then I just remember screaming.. I felt quite dramatic, but it did hurt. I didn't really cry-cry, but more like scream in pain. Now I wasn't worried that I broke it or anything because I have sprained my ankle a time or two before, but it hurt so bad. I had almost forgotten the feeling. Luckily Jill Porter came to my rescue and made me walk on it then stick it in an ice bucket for fifteen, walk for fifteen, in for fifteen more and out again.. The ice bucket made me a bit nauseated!
This is my ankle right after, it swelled so fast! Jill told me that putting chewing tobacco on it right before I go to bed would really help all the blood come to the surface and make it heal faster. I called my mom up, told her the bad news then told her to go buy me some chewing tobacco! (: She first asked why, and I told her, then she said, "I can't go to store and buy tobacco, do you know who I am, I'm the Bishops wife!" I laughed so hard at this. Then she went down to the shop and borrowed some from one of our workers. That night I put it on and o heavens that stuff stinks!- but it really did bring the blood to the surface and made my ankle really colorful!
Tuesday morning my ankle was super colorful and super swollen. I shouldn't have worked on it all day Monday, but I had to everyone else was gone. Luckily I didn't have to save anyone right... After helping out at mini cheer my mom took me to the doctor. Now I knew that it wasn't broken, but the swelling on both sides of my foot really made my mom nervous. My doctor made me cry firstly by pushing on my swollen foot then secondly after looking at the x-rays and confirming that my ankles wasn't broken but by telling me I'd probably be out for four weeks.. FOUR WEEKS! knowing this made me cry even more.. I have too much to do and no time for this. Mini cheer, 100th Year Celebration, 4th of July fundraising and parade are all this week. Cheer camp is next week and volleyball camp is the week after that.
On the way home from the Doctor my mom stopped by the Song Coach Katie's house to give her a few papers and Katie told her about Redmond Clay. Now Shane always told me that Redmond Clay would cure anything and everything, I was a bit hesitant about this and didn't really believe him. Now I have to write him and tell him that he was right... I hate being wrong. But really it works I soak it in hot water with dissolved clay in it then when I sleep I put the paste around my ankle while I sleep.
This was at the doctors office. I got a gel brace to wear when I'm walking around, but it really kinda bugs me.

This is how it looks today.. Now it looks bad but it feels so much better. And you can actually kinda see my ankle bone.

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Hillary Sue said...

Oh my gosh your ankle looks like it really hurts. Hopefully it will get better so you can play volleyball and cheer. Talk to ya later.