Monday, July 13, 2009

Cheer Camp (the best one ever!)

This year I had a lot of fun preparing for cheer camp. As a captain I was in charge of a lot, but thanks to ALL of the other senior cheerleaders my load wasn't quite as heavy! We did a lot of little things for our squad. See our spirit stick (above) and all our little decorations and there were hand-outs for every day that just topped off everything.
This year our squad theme was "Cheering with WILD Spirit" I made this sign on the 3rd and 4th of July and I absolutely love it! (: I enjoy painting signs and this one was a lot of fun! But the Red Shirts made us take it down because it was a "fire hazard" (: ha ha funny huh!
Do you like our door decor? Ha ha I made the name tags and drew the animals on each and notice there is a paw on each name tag to represent our unity! (: o and the animals plates just complete the look don't you think? (: Ha ha I had a lot of fun decorating! And we got a lot of complements form other squads about our stylish doors and signs!
Taylor T. me and Taylor A. trying to escape! Just Kidding!! The window wouldn't close so we were helping. In the end a piece broke off, but then it closed! (: and it worked even better than before- I don't think that piece was needed... at least I hope not!
We left our mark on it! O and notice my spirit fingers nail polish (I did my toes too!) I feel like a little girl with my nails painted like this, but it is really fun!
A bunch of us on a bed with the banana! (: We were super hyper!
The senior cheerleaders with the banana and crazy hair! O man we look pretty huh!?
The Red Shirts came in to our room to tell us to get to bed, but as they walked in they noticed the banana and we invited them to join in with our fun! They were more than happy to play with us! It was quite funny!
Some crazy pictures and me with the banana!
Layni and I with the banana on the last day! (can you tell we really like to take pictures with the banana?)
Do I look peppy enough?
during the cheer... I'm the main base on the right, Shelbee is my new secondary and Heather has back with Shaniah on top- (for today anyway top girls change a lot on our squad)
This is a typical picture at cheer camp! The sun is always so bright and well it is really funny looking at this because I think I get tan lines from squinting so much!
Go NSHS Cheer!
We look good! Cheer camp is a lot of hard work- not only physically, but mentally too! I mean you try working your butt off and staying pep and cheery all the time.. some times you just need to calm down. I was so glad to finally be home and wear normal clothes, but my mom had to remind me that I could once again talk like another person. After cheer camp I always feel really loud compared to the rest of the world (if that makes any sense at all). My last cheer camp was the best cheer camp I have had the four years I have been a cheerleader. Go team!

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Hillary Sue said...

Hey Kels! It looks like you had a blast at Cheer Camp! The sign and door decorations are so dang cute! Talk to you later