Sunday, June 28, 2009

girls camp 2009

I absolutely love girls camp! This year's theme was Virtue Island to kick off the new value that was added this year. All youth leaders went up a day early to help set up and I am really glad I had the chance. The first night we had a testimony meeting and I really felt the spirit It seems like the spirit comes so much faster when I'm enjoying God's creations. I'm going to give you a quick overview of the week I enjoyed.This is our lovely little tent and sleeping quarters. It was very very cozy if I say so myself and though it looked like a sturdy tent it had a few problems like the door zipper was completely gone, and the roof leaked... a lot! I tell you more about that later.
Kinz, Shay, Heather (not pictured), and I put together a clip from Pixar's "UP". Kinz and I have parts through out the movie memorized and we just wanted to be apart of the skits. If you can't tell Kinz is Mr. Roberts, I am Rustle, Shay is being the house and Heather was Kevin "the bird". If you haven't seen the movie you really really need to!
As a youth leader we were in charge of a lot of things for the other girls. This is us leading "Boom Chica Boom" while the rest of the girls followed. (Notice: the head band around my head I wore both days and well I didn't wear any sunscreen. Now I have a suntan line on my forehead).
This is me at Rustle.. "Mr. Roberts I'm tired, can we stop now, I need to pee.."
After the night's evening program we kinda took pictures.. a lot of pictures ( I played with a few on photo shop)
This picture is fun huh!
The skies were beautiful both morning and night
The first night all the girls were there we played a few pranks. I'm not going to tell you what pranks we played or who on, but I will say this... Brenda Sanders is my hero prankster! (:
The second day was the day of the hikes. All the youth leaders had to decide which hike they wanted to go on. I really didn't want to go, so I was going to help send everyone off then they would all leave and I'd be left there... sadly. But it turned out that no one chose to go on the 2nd year hike, the five mile hike. So Kinz and I decided that we would go. The hike was up hill what felt like all the way. It was really hard, but I really did enjoy it. I love hiking. O and I found my friend Antonio on the hike, he is a Horny Toad (: I made him a house and everyone loved to look after him, but my best babysitter was Brenda Sanders- Thanks again!
The last morning it rained all night long. I helped rescue a bunch of the girls whose tents were being flooded out. We moved them to some of the youth leader tents that had some room. After making sure everyone was warm and dry we headed to our tent, but to our surprise our tent had a leak. My sleeping bag was dripping, luckily we were saved by Becky. She let me borrow a sleeping bag and stay in her trailer.

The rain always makes everything look beautiful. The last morning, even though it was freezing and we were soaked, we woke up early to see the sunrise. The spirit was so strong and even though I really wanted to go home and get warm I just wanted to stay up on the hill and take in all the beauty!

I love love love girls camp and I am excited to go next year, my last year.


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