Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Going There Someday!

I absolutely love this picture. I took it during regional youth conference with my phone and you know it turned out really well!
This entry isn't for anyone really except for myself. I am extremely excited to one day enter the temple and do my own temple work and to be sealed to my husband for all eternity. A promise between Heavenly Father, my husband and I. I have a testimony of families and I know that all families can be sealed together through sacred powers preformed within the temple. The love I have already for the family I will someday have is overwhelming and I don't even know any of them yet (at least not here on Earth, I don't think). I can only imagine the power that goes on within its walls. I can feel the spirit just standing on the temple grounds so I know that inside must be like Heaven on Earth!
Since I was a little girl I have planned and imagined my wedding. I really got into it too, my mom saved pictures that I drew of me in a wedding dress and my groom standing hand-in-hand in front of the temple! (: only back then my groom was Tanner Quarnberg because he was the love of my life. Today I still try to imagine the day I will get married, and pretty much all my ideas have changed since I was a little girl, all except I will be married in the temple.
Sorry I don't know if any of this really makes sense, but I enjoyed writing out my feelings.

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Hillary Sue said...

Hey Kels,
That picture is way pretty! Its amazing too. The Temple always brings comfort. Hope you have a good summer and talk to you later.