Thursday, March 12, 2009

You Have to Watch This!!!!

Okay okay okay! watch this you'll laugh forever I promise! This is my friend Jace and his friends! Jace lives about a hour and a half away from me, but we have become really good friends over the years! Well his prom is coming up, it's April 4th and he wasn't going to go, but then.. well ya, but then he decided to ask me! I'm so excited to go down there and spend the day with him! (p.s. he really does have a band and they are really good!)

Anyone have any ideas on how I should answer!?!?! I need something that can top this.. really I have no clue where to even start!

1 comment:

Cade & Mel said...

Wow he put a lot of work into that.....he must really want you to go to Prom with him. :)