Sunday, March 8, 2009

Masquerade! Preference

This is one of the tables my mom set up for our Dinner

Making Masks

It's quite and intense process.. ya right!
Kinz hadn't cut the eye holes yet.. her mask looked like a mustache.. she looked like Mario

Ahh.. yes.. another fun exciting school dance! I love school dances, people might say they "are so over rated" and, excuse my french, "gay", but I get extremely excited for them. Mainly because I love to dance, not that I really know how or anything, but I like to think I do. And I really do fool people with all my mad-skill! There are always people who come up to me and my date asking us to teach them how to dance. My response you may wonder.. well I just tell them that I don't know anything special and just wing it! Yes- this does cause the problem of running into your dance partner, getting steped on, and going the opposite direction, but it causes many laughs and a lot of fun!.......Someday I want to take a real dance class and learn some "real" moves!

Our Prefence date was planned the day before Preferenece.. (I really didn't mean to procrastinate). My mom kept asking me what we were going to do and I just kept telling her that Kinz and I haven't talked about it yet. Thursday night I called Kinz and told her we were going to have a candle light dinner and make masks (the Preference theme was Masquerade).

Friday we picked up our dates at seven and met at my house, where my mom had prepared a very delisous candle light dinner! we even go to eat on her fine china! fancy fancy huh!? After dinner we made masks! I really didn't think it was going to be as much fun as it was, I mean I knew I'd like it because I like to do things like that, but I was worried about the boys... they got really into it! We had the hottest masks at the dance.

We headed to the dance.. going really slow because it had snowed- a lot. After arriving and getting pictures taken we hit the dance floor.. Did I mention I love to dance! Only clean dancing though.. I don't like all that jumping up and down, hit each other kind of stuff.. It bugs me. The dance ended at eleven thirty, we helped clean up then went to Stigs to get Shirley Temples.

I really had a lot of fun!

Eric, Hillary, John, Angela, Colton, Kinz, Jantzen, and Me

This picture we all weren't quite ready for.. but o well
Who's who!?!?
Jantzen and I going to the dance.. he cut me off! :)
Opps forgot to smile!
Funny thing about the night... two other girls had the same dress that I had.. it was quite funny!

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Nat said...

That looks like a lot of fun!! I love the masks.