Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happiest Birthday Pa!

Father dearest I hope you had a wonderful birthday! My mom and dad are exactly three days apart and they were even born in the same hospital! crazy huh!? My dad loves to work- at the shop, for the church, and up on "the property", but he knows how to have a good time. He can turn a bummer situation into a wonderful one! My dad loves to sleep- when I think of him I always get this picture in my mind of him sleeping in "his chair" with his work clothes on, or sleeping on the for with his head propped up on the stair (I know not comfortable at all!) I love my dad, and even though his is forty seven today.. well that's what he says (he started counting back after he reached fifty! (: ) Happy Birthday Pa!

Also wanted to throw a quick congratulations to my brother Bryan and Nat who are expecting the first BOY of our family! Yes- it's true I have seven nieces and no nephews until now.. or unless Sandi has a boy.. who knows! yeah for families!

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WCRX-LP Editorial collective said...

Happy birthday.

Three days apart in the same hospital.

Wedding anniversary should be counted from our mother's birthday.