Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day this year was... o wait what Valentine's Day! This year for Valentine's Day I cheered at State Wrestling! That means nothing really spectacular happened... and I'm okay with it! I did have a nice date planned with a good friend of mine, but because of the weather I had to cancel.. bummer, we were going to go ice skating. Instead my mom, dad, grandma, sister, along with her friend Morgan and my friend Ashley went to Sizzler for dinner after the championships. Now don't get me wrong state wrestling was loads of fun cheering on our team and spending time with the other cheerleaders that went. I have also spent many Valentine's Days through out the years setting in those bleachers cheering on my older brothers, so it's almost like I don't know any different! :)
O! :) I also got a Valentine from Elder Sanders. I absolutely love it.. the picture doesn't do it justice, but it is a heart cut out of line paper with a temple drawn on it with scripture marker yellow- very missionaryish, but very cute. I hope everyone had a great V-Day!


char said...

Kelsie, this was my first time on your blog, and probably my last, because I cried almost the whole time. Thank you for taking the time to show pics of Shane, I miss him so much, he is one of my best friends too. luv Char

tyandbrandie said...

Char don't be a baby. Hi Kelsie. I've been to your blog a couple of times and I never cried until I read Chars comment! lol. Congrats on the Freedom award and have a great time in PA.