Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Band Tour.. coming soon

Today Band Tour was offically scheduled! yay! ha ha! I know I'm a lameo band geek, but hey it's cool to be in band at my school (everyone takes band because of tour!-o and because we are good.) Wanna know the crazy thing though.. the week we go on tour is the same week I leave for my Valley Forge trip. Band Tour + Valley Forge Trip = A TON of homework, but it is worth it right? I think so!
Last year we didn't get to go on band tour... bummer huh! So that means that this year we get to stay two nights! I have only been on tour once and that was my freshman year. It was so much fun. I found some pictures! We all look little!

This is Kinzie, Me, Rae, Justin and Shane Playing the Face Game

Another Face Game Picture

Shane picked me this rose at the hotel we stayed in.. the poor rose was dying... :)

and once again... Another Face Game picture!

Face Game Rules:

  1. Pull as many crazy faces you can
  2. Have someone take your picture
  3. See the results.. crazy, funny faces!

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