Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Okay so Sadies is on the 21st (same day I get my braces off). I decided that I'd ask one of my good friends Kaden to go with me. I asked him while he was at work. I took a bunch of balloons with the letters K E L S and one had a :) on it (I didn't have enough balloons to write my whole name) I tied them to his car. Then I took some painted and painted on his car. I think I said something like.. I'll float up to the sky if you'd go to Sadies with me.. or something like that I don't really remember, maybe due to the fact that it was so cold. My sister, Kinzie and I even got to see his reaction when he saw his car.. O and by the way he drives a really nice car!

Well today I received payback. Kaden wasn't too sneaky about it though, infact he came up to me and asked for my keys, I knew what he was up to and willingly gave them over. He did this during first hour and was dying for me to go and see what he had done.. Ha ha! I didn't go see the damage until after sixth hour.. oops! Heavens above was I surprised.. I figured it would be clever, but this was beyond my thinking. He filled my car with poppy seed muffins! (Mrs. Kirkwood asked me what my favorite muffin was yesterday, but I didn't think too much of it because she asks a lot of random questions) They were everywhere! and he had a sign say "So this girl asked me to Sadies, she is really really nice, clear full of goodness made of sugar and spice.. To answer her was really quite easy, I didn't have to think once. There's "muffin" that I'd rather do than to go to Sadies with you!" Cute huh!? will now my car smells like muffins and magic marker, not a good mix trust me, and I have no where to put all the muffins, so at the moment they are still in my car confined to the back seat.. joy!

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Nat said...

That's really cute! I want to see pictures of the dance for sure!