Sunday, November 16, 2008


Opening Stunt!
(I'm the main base in the middle stunt.. You can't see me)

All the Juniors!

It has been an exciting week! Wednesday was our first competition of the season, yes that means we are wearing curlers to school again (I hate wearing curlers). Every day last week we practiced close to five hours to prepare ourselves for this day.. somedays I felt as though we weren't accomplishing anything, we hadn't hit the entire routine the whole week. Then Monday night we had a parents showcase where we showed our routine to members of our family, we did it twice for them, and both times it was really bad. In fact we hit like one stunt as a group.. it was so embarrassing. The following day at practice our coaches got together and asked us if we really wanted to go to the competition or if we wanted to pull out.. I didn't vote, but I wanted to pull out! The popular vote was to go so for the rest of practice we broke things down and watered some parts down. Wednesday we all came to school in Sunday-best with curlers in our hair. Haha! can you imagine, 23 girls in curlers and Sunday dresses? It is really really funny and when we do it again I'll have to take a picture.. Curlers are the worst! We had a quick cheer practice and went through our routine twice then we were sent home to prepare and get ready.
The competition started at 7 o'clock, on the money. Each team had an eight minute mat time which they went through in the order the squads would be preforming and that started at 6. We met at 5:15 to get stretched and just to be together I guess :) We were second to preform out of four..(I love being one of the first to preform, cause then we can watch the other squads.) Our coaches took us into our locker room for a quick pep talk and word of prayer. In the pep talk we they told us that they weren't expecting us to hit everything, that things were bound to fall (we hadn't hit it all yet anyway, what else should we have expected?) They told us that they would be proud of us for trying the hardest we could, that as long as we looked clean and peppy they'd be proud. Well we were nervous, it is really funny a group of 23 girls dead silent, from their nerves! We went on to the large blue mat ready to preform, all of us wanted it more than anything! This was our time to show everyone all that we had been preparing for. The music started, it was so loud. As we went through each count and focused on each move there was a calm among the squad. We hit EVERYTHING! Never before had we hit the entire routine, we built on one another, and through hard times we pulled through! The rest of the squads went, now it was time to wait. As we were sitting in our circle, we knew we were going to win, we just had that feeling, the feeling of accomplishment. We took first! YAY! and the team that has taken it for the past three years took last :) they are also a school rivial, so that was icing on the cake! It was the best way to start off the competition season!

The NS Cheer/Song Squad

Me and Ashley


Adam and Dev said...

Congrats on the competition! It always feels so good to beat "the rival" huh...we liked when that happened too! And yes, I do remember going to school in curlers and Sunday cheer is the best- too bad we didn't get to cheer together! Congrats though!

Katy said...

You guys did awesome I only saw one competition but you girls are doing great and carrying on the North Sevier Cheerleaders name (by that I mean kicking butt like we always have and always will =])