Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'd like to thank the deseret news, the top three pictures are from them. To check out the whole story please check their website!

Well yesterday we made history! Never before has our football team taken a state championship. 39 years ago football came to our school, and now we will have a banner to hang on our gym wall! The game yesterday was one of a kind... It was the biggest NS crowd I've ever seen, it felt as though the entire community had traveled to come watch us take the title. We didn't show up the first half, the Cowboys score two touch downs and at the half the score was 12-0.. I was sick, we had come to far and fought to hard to loose this game. I knew our team had it in them, they just had to bring the NS game onto the field! After the half we came back on and scored two touch-downs right in a row! the score was 12-15, finally we had pulled through! Now we just had to capitalize on their mistakes and we had the game in the bag! The final score was 12-22! It was amazing! the crowd rushed onto the field before the game was even over, it was crazy! We celebrated on the field for almost an hour, giving hugs and taking pictures! Then it seemed like our whole community headed back down to our good'ol small town to watch the fire trucks drag main with the team on the back (and the cheerleaders)! It was like a parade in the night.. there were four big fire trucks, two ambulances, and at least twenty cars, packed with people driving up and down main, honking and yelling out in celebration! Everything was just AMAZING this week! NS has made a name for ourselves for sure!

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tyandbrandie said...

Congrats North Sevier!! You look so pretty Kelsie! Now let's hope history repeats itself!!