Saturday, September 20, 2008

Custruction Zone!

new garage

windows and doors
Look at our addition! It is crazy, the front of our house looks like a car dealership because all of our cars are parked out front. We finally have garage doors on the addition as well as windows. They have also broken into the old garage and have torn in apart! My parents will be kicked out of their bedroom Tuesday.. I think they are going to live downstairs, but who knows! Everything is out of place at my house, and I just can't wait till it's finished!

old garage

inside old garage

My sister didn't know they had removed the stairs. She was going outside to get something out of Mom's car. I was painting my car for homecoming and watched the whole thing. Shaylie stepped out and just kept stepping.. there wasn't a stair to catch her foot! She didn't land too hard, but I think it really scared her. Now we have a sign on the door saying DON'T OPEN and the door is locked!


Nat said...

The addition looks really good. I love that you post pictures of it, we can see what's happening! I hope Shay is okay. That's a long ways to fall.

Adam and Dev said...

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