Sunday, September 28, 2008


Our Team

My Volleyball team Freaking Rocks! okay so we are the youngest team on our region to be playing varsity. Eight seniors graduated last year leaving us with two girls that played on the varsity team regularly last year.. BUT so what right!? We have come so far this year and we have so much farether to go! No one is really scared of us yet, almost all of them I bet are looking over us and not thinking twice. To fill you in on a little secret though.. we are going to be the CINDERELLA TEAM!


Varsity with Coach
We traveled about four hours to the middle of no where. The entire bus ride there is no cell phone service and nothing but dirt and sag brush for ages upon ages! They way down was a real bonding time for our team. We were already pretty close, but during the trip we chatted, played games, and got ourselves pumped for the game that night.


Kinzie and I

Sister Sister

We lost both of our games (we played two teams). It was frustrating, really frustrating but we played really good! I think we are starting to move together as a team and just feel each other on the court (if you play sports you understand). I think that you should expect great things from us in the future!

In the Skies

First Bloody Nose Ever!

Check It!

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Whit said...

oh my gosh you guys.... l LOVE you so much!! it looks like you are having a blast!!! Just keep playing hard... and it will turn out right! you guys have tons of talent! Just know one of your number one fans is in Montana cheering you on!! I miss you and love ya Kelsie!