Monday, September 29, 2008

Cheer/Song Squad Pictures

These are by far my very most favorite cheer pictures yet! I love the waterfall in the background and the green all around! They are just so perfect!

Our squad looks huge! Can you believe there are twenty-three of us!? Everyone BEWARE! The NS Cheer Army is Coming!!! :)


Taylor said...

This is my most favorite picture of you of all time! :) They are very nice and you are very beautiful!

Adam and Dev said...

Cute pics- we did some like that for our squad when I was a sophomore...are you out at Maple Grove? It looks like it, and if so, that's where we were too! And we had 22 girls (no drillteam included) so fun! Cute pics :)

Heather said...

Hey cute Girl!!! Oh the good 'ole days of cheer! I really miss it and I miss you lots too. We had the best times together, memories I'll never forget! So anyway I think I'm coming home on the 16th of October! I haven't been home in so long! So we'll have to do something together! Love Ya!