Monday, August 13, 2012

My "Sister Shower"

The first of July Danielle and I had a conversation that lead to the idea
of throwing me a "Sister Shower"- She said that she would throw one for me
and I didn't think a thing of it again. . . 

Well until tonight.

My sister Shaylie had told my mom and I that she had to show us a surprise.
Thinking it was some sort of Mother and Daughter treat I wasn't curious at all.
Shaylie does little thoughtful things like this.

I was in gym shorts and a t-shirt and the fact that she made me change should have made
me assume that she was up to no good- but I didn't.

Shaylie blindfolded Mom and I and sat us in her car before driving all over town
until we finally pulled up a driveway- I guessed I was at my brother's new house.

But when Shaylie pulled off the blind fold I was delighted 
and a bit confused as to why everyone was shouting surprise. 
My "Sister Shower" was underway.

Oh, and Mom was in on the whole thing. . .
She had removed her blindfold once mine was on.

The "Sister Shower" was a blast.
We played games, ate scrumtious food, I opened wonderful gifts
and we laughed a lot.

I love these girls and I will miss them so much!

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