Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First day of school- for a while. . .

These pictures are dark, I know- but ladies and gents I am documenting history here. . . 
one cannot be picky in such a dyer circumstance as this one.

Day 1 of Junior year (part 1- part 2 will be displayed in two years from now):
Oh and because Aubrie and I forgot to take First Day of School Photos before school, we took them tonight- but we looked basically the same-
I like Aubrie's pants, shirt, shoes, belt, hair, her face. . . 
To cut to the chase- I just like her. It is fun to be roommates,
even if just for a short while.
And then we attempted a jumping picture. . . we aren't so good at that-

A few winners from today:

"Are you from a different nationality?" Elder C asked me during Institute

"Class today we are going to pretend to be homeless- your only possession you will have is a bowl," my ceramics professor.

"I just want to kiss him! On the mouth," said by me.

"Can we call you Uncle?" Aubrie to our new friend in our singles ward
. . . the conversation got kind of awkward after that.


~Aubrie Rose.. said...

Yay for the first day of school!! Another winner: "I'm taking 5 institute classes!" Kelsie says with a huge smile on her face as everyone stares at her in confusion.

Elise Frederickson said...

Elder Cherrington? Book of Mormon? I loved that class. Also, he once told us in class that we all needed to stop being so prissy and go become True Aggies. That was neat.
Seriously, so glad you came last night!