Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Would you rather"

Would you rather be loved and never love?
Love and never be loved in return?

I hated playing the game "Would you rather" as a child. Why should a person have to choose out of two very unrealistic (usually) circumstances which they would prefer when most of the time neither were desired. . . then again this was the point of the game. . . AND after all it is only a "game" - I just think too deeply for games such as this.

Once I was asked the question stated above - a terrible heart wrenching question. Wanting to be unselfish my first answer would be to love and never be loved in return, but I can't imagine not being loved. Not necessarily a romantic love, but I can't imagine never being loved by my friends, my family, my Heavenly Father. I am so blessed. Never before have I felt entirely alone and forgotten because I know I am loved and I don't think I could go on with out it.

Then I refer to the other option: To be loved and never love. I can almost picture how that would turn out. . . I would be like a celebrity putting on a good show for all those around me, but inside dying slowly. Without love how could anyone be motivated to live - I don't think I would be able to handle the heart ache of not having a heart.

Love is the thing that I live for. Love is what keeps me alive. These words might seem somewhat dramatized, but I believe it entirely. The purpose of life is to love and to be loved. 


I do love one "Would you rather" question and I use it every time I play this frustrating game. 

 Would you rather have a three-inch wide belly button, 
or a belly button that sticks out three inches.

I know, it is a hilarious question - you can thank me later.

Later is now.

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