Friday, April 6, 2012

"I like your bread"

I have decided that I need to write a blog and dedicate it entirely to the Aggie Blue Bus- so many eventful, entertaining, story worthy things happen on the many bus rides to and from campus.

Wednesday - I was on my way to yoga.

The regulars stood in line some look as if they had just woken up, complete with swollen eyes and plaid pajama pants. There was a tall girl with long blonde hair who was eating a piece of toast - she was the only one I didn't recognize.

Right on que the bus pulled in and we filed in.

It was early and once again there were only a few of us on the bus. . . I have decided the fewer people there are the more awkward/entertaining the short ride to campus gets.

Everyone had sat down and the driver was ready to pull out when a man came running around the corner and chased down the bus. He was a small-featured man who was a whopping 5'5''. He wore glasses and wore green pants, a green shirt and carried a cargo green messenger bag.

He sat down a few seats away from me and across from the tall blonde with the toast.nMind you, this blonde- she was cute and I could see the green-man "observing" the situation.

"Is that Grandma Sycamore bread?" he said.

My heart sunk. . . Really- out of all the pick-up lines in the world you are going to hit on this girl by asking her what kind of bread she is eating. . .

The blonde looked around confused and not sure how to respond.

"Um. Yes," she quietly answered.

I don't know what else the poor girl could have said.

"I love Grandma Sycamore bread," he eagerly pushed on the bread issued, "But, it is so-o-o-o expensive."

Inside I was laughing. I wasn't quite sure if he was hitting on the blonde or Grandma Sycamore.

"Yep, but it is on sell at Lee's," she was a sweet blonde.

"And you are eating it with jam, oh so good," he had suddenly flipped his focus from the bread to the jam. . . and at this point I wasn't sure if he was hitting on the girl or wanting her to share her breakfast with him.

"Yep," she started looking out the window and realized that we had almost made it to campus.

The bus stopped.

The door opened and that girl was off the bus before I had even stood up. . .

"I hope you like your Grandma Sycamore bread with jam!" the man in green called after her.

Under his breath I could hear him murmuring something about bread. . .

I wonder if she will ever again eat breakfast on the go - or at least take it with her on the bus.

It was a lovely morning.

. . . . only in a dominate LDS college community .

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