Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break in a nutshell.

(from left to right)

1. tried on cheer uniforms from freshman year of high school - I still fit!
2. visited the middle
3. over looked Logan
4. went off road'n in the 'Rango
5. ME (I think I am kinda funny sometimes)
6. abandoned treasures
7. new shoes
8. roads lined with eery trees
9. 3rd Hunger Games (!!!)
10. adventures with Pot-Pot and Critter
11. over 14 hours of driving
12. coming back to a lovely temple land
13. diet dr. pepper. . . need I say more
14. reminiscing by the river
15. playin' with the new bangs

Spring Break at home was loads of fun and relaxing.

I came back to Logan and went adventuring to Burely, ID with two of my roommates and a neighbor- more to come from that epic experience.

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Randi Lynn said...

DUDE. We now have the same shoes!