Monday, March 26, 2012

The definition of Humility.

I was the only one on the bus except for a blind man who sat across from me and the driver. The drive was speaking with the blind man and I listened contently. It was early and my mind was at ease to just listen. 

When we made it to the drop off zone at the top of the hill we both got off. The bus driver wished us both a good day and then we were off.

I don't know how he was so efficient and so smooth walking with his walking stick out in front of him. I watched as I followed him.

When we had turned the corner a guy who was helping with parking welcomed a car that had just pulled up. The blind boy not knowing there was a car there responded to the parking-man's hello. And said, "Well, good morning sir. I am doing wonderful how are-" he stopped when he realized that the man wasn't talking to him. 

He paused in his tracks for a moment. 

My heart stung, I wish I could have change the situation some how. I wish I could have been closer and said hello- or I should have walked with him. . . Why didn't I walk with him?

I wondered what was going through his head.

And before anything else could be said or done he started back on his smooth walk to class. The walking stick making back and forth motions like the hands of a clock. 

He was quick. And soon he had turned into a building close by.

I have thought about him for the last week.

Everyday this blind boy is faced with challenges that I can't even begin to comprehend . . . and I find my life hard. 

He humbled me. 

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