Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sometimes I paint the sky- and then I fly in it.

Caution: photo's may not be the best quality due to the fact that they were taken with a cellular devise.

Every time I am home from school whether it is just a weekend stay or a three week break 
I make a to-do list. Painting has been on that list for a good while now and I can finally mark it off. 

Today we painted. We being Mom, Shay and I.

Below is the process of me being creative:
 Okay so this top picture is not me being creative, it is just a blank canvas. . .
No creativity to it-

Drum roll please.

(Pause for emphasis)


Okay, so out of all the above cellular pictures, this by far is the worst one.
But you get the point right?

I still can't get over the fact that it is the year 2012. My stomach drops some and I get butterflies when I think about the history that will be made during this magical year.

"I live a flowery life,"
                                                Grandma RueLeen

Have I ever mentioned that my grandmother is amazing. We are having a sleepover tomorrow night! I am going to live a flowery life just like her. 

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The Higgs' said...

Kelsie you are so amazingly talented and beautiful and inspiring and I just love you! This world has wonderful things in store for you!