Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It is all worth the "shot"

I like to think that I am an artistic person.

My mom is very creative and artsy so I contribute it to her.

When I was young I would spend hours researching photographers. . . most of my peers would be MSN-ing it up while I on the other hand spent my time in front of the computer getting educated. . .

I have always loved photography, but a photographer told me once that there is no career - shot my dreams right down.

Then yearbook happened my senior year.

My friend Kaden purchased a camera.

And I fell in love.

I particularly like taking pictures of people.

Don't get me wrong a good landscapes are beautiful and good every now and again, but people are beautiful - everyone in their own way and I love it.

The night before each shoot is like waiting for Christmas to come. . . I get overly excited yet nervous on what the outcome might be.

See I have never taken a class, and I haven't had the time to research all my camera skills. . . And lets be honest if I had the time I still wouldn't figure it out - I just know what I want the outcome to be and I mess around until I get it.

My friend Demi is getting married the end of December. I took her engagements last week and I brought along my friend Mike from ENDLESSphotography. He took behind the scene pictures and was showing me some technical stuff- I was showing him my adventurous/ crazy side (hence me standing in the freezing water above). He took these pictures of me and I love them.

I want to do powerful things with my photography one day - I have big plans. But those plans are to be saved for later.

The outcome of the shoot.

Oh and yes, Capturing Dawn Photography is my company name. I have a blog that you can check out, but I post most of my pictures on my Facebook page. Feel free to "Like" or leave a comment. It is always fun to know what people think.


mason said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures!! You are very talented!!

Adam and Dev said...

Small world! My husband and I know Rhett (his older brother was one of my husband's roommates and still one of his best buds!) Great job on the pictures :)