Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christ and Castles.

I have been having huge writers block.

I have started multiple posts about radiating happiness and love that I have felt this Christmas season, but none of them quite get it right.

How do I share what I feel without cutting my heart out of my chest and inserting it into yours . . . that may be a bit gory for a Christmas post, but that is the question I face.

I feel like I have been cheated. The season has ended too soon and I am not ready for it to already be over.

Everything about this season is magical. Everything. 

And lets face it, who doesn't love magic?

I have been thinking about magic a lot recently. Not the magic that turns mice into horses and allows teapots to sing but the magic that is of Christ and it brightens every life it touches.

The perfect kind of magic. 

I want it to last all year long.

. . . scratch that I want it to last for the rest of my life.

And in a way it can.

I want to deserve the magic.

Cinderella was patient, resilient, obedient and kind. Her happy ending came true.

So I will be Cinderella. 

I will do all I can to have the magic of Christ in my life everyday.

It is the season of Chirst.

Merry Christmas.

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