Friday, November 11, 2011

Exhaustion meet Dr. Pepper

Terrible picture- I know, but all I had on me was my cellphone.

I have been sleeping in a tent for the past two nights- outside in Logan. The HYPR field at Utah State University has been over populated by tents. I was among them sleeping in one of those nylon beauties. If anyone isn't familiar with Logan weather in November then let me just say this, 5:30 a.m. I woke up and according to my phone it was 17 degrees Fahrenheit. In my book that is way too cold to be sleeping outside, and yet I did it two nights in a row. I froze my toes off and my "birthing" hips have suffered tremendous abuse from the unforgiving ground. . . I used to claim that I was a camper, being a country girl many assume that I must be some hardcore chick, but lets be honest I was not raised to be of the camper-kind. Especially in elements such as these.

I will justify my actions with this: Aggie basketball. Yes, the season of crazy Aggie-fans has arrived and for the last two nights I have stood my ground among them. Now students don't go to such extremes for every game, but this game is special. Tonight USU will play BYU. I have a confession. I am not one to stand in line to watch such a game, especially if it means freezing my digits off. . . Wednesday I had no intention of going to the game at all. I had planned on spending my Friday getting caught up on homework and just taking it easy- I am very selfish with my weekends. Then my friend Randi called and asked if I wanted to camp out with her and her roommates, I also got assigned a sports article for my news writing class next week. . . I put one and two together and well I am always up for some adventure. I told Randi yes before I had time to evaluate all the pros and cons.

I don't regret doing it. Actually, I had lots of fun. We made it a priority to get to bed in good time because most everyone in the tent had early classes. But exhaustion set in right after my 8:30 a.m. class. I didn't have time to crash so I turned to the doctors. . .I used substance. Diet Dr. Pepper. Go ahead, judge me, I took on the natural man and caved. It was so good.

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Randi Lynn said...

Muahahaha! Years from now you'll look back and be thankful that you camped with us! Pretty much I want to die tonight though, I'm so tired. But hey, we're going to party some more!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, my birthing hips did not fare well at all last night. These beauties need comfort and padding. Which the HYPER field has neither.