Monday, November 7, 2011

10 weeks later. . .

Moab Trail Half Marathon - CHECK!

For the past ten weeks Jordan and I have been training for this lovely half marathon and going into it I thought I was prepared. Little did I know what a trail marathon really meant. . .

Lets just say climbing, wading and scooting were all involved! Oh, and it rained most of the time.

I reached the highest point and my legs felt like I had been running for probably nine miles. I noticed that the guy next to me had a watched that clocked the miles so I turned to him and asked how far we had gone. He told me four miles. I felt my body get heavy and the only thing that kept me going was knowing that it was mostly down hill from this point. The guy proceed to ask me if this was my first trail run as we bounced along. I said yes, and added that this was my first half marathon all together. I noticed his eyes get wide and he was impressed that I would choose such a hard run as my first- but I just kept going. (I ended up coming in nearly a half hour before the guy- I was kind of excited!)

I feel accomplished and driven. I want to run another half and a marathon one day. I want to push my body to limits that I never thought were imaginable- after all I have been blessed with such an amazing gift, a body that is full functioning and capable of so much. I am so thankful.

I am also thankful for Jordan and her family. With out them I wouldn't have been in this marathon. They also were very hospitable during our trip to Moab. Thank you so much!

I also need to thank my dear friends Eric and Tyson who were kind enough to drive Jordan and I around. I think I slept more this weekend than I have since I moved to school in August. It was amazing.

The four of us (Eric, Tyson, Jordan and I) traveled all over Utah this weekend. We left Logan Friday afternoon, spent Saturday in Moab - where my power-steering went out. The original plan was to drive back to Logan Saturday night so that we could go to our singles ward, but do to the car troubles a detour took place. A three hour detour to my lovely home to swap out cars. It was quite lovely too- free food, hot tubbing and my home. What else could complete a weekend?


team cowan said...

You're a beast. Way to go. Maybe one day I can be as cool as you. ;)

K'Brina Colby said...

You are AWESOME!!!
I just wanted to tell you that!

Nat said...

Wow! You're awesome Kels! Way to go for accomplishing your goal. I would have died on the trail! :)